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Join multiple files with similar row items and append all columns from the files


Hi all 


I am new to this tool. 

I want to add multiple files with the first column header same in all files but different column headers. Please find the below sample data, I created. 

Input 1 

Type      Header 1
R1            20
R2            40
R3            50
R4            10

Input 2

Type       Header 2
R2             60
R4             30

Type      Header 1      Header 2
R1            20                  0/null
R2            40                    60
R3            50                  0/null
R4            10                    30

Thanks in advance

Alteryx Certified Partner



You can use the Join tool if you only have 2 files. If there are more than 2 files you'd like to join, use Join Multiple tool to achieve that. I have attached a solution to this reply for your review.


I tried this but I got errors earlier and I figured that there is some option one should take which is "accept all multi dimensional fields to join".