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Join matched items to same row

Hello great Team:


I am joing two sheets based on item number and location, which works great but I want all that match to be on the same row across and not only the first match.



For Example. I have two items in Sheet1 called ABC123 and 4 items in Sheet 2 called ABC123, the join matches the first one and the second one and that's it but it puts them in a new row, also the other two are dropped in the R join.


So A, How can I have the items in the same row and B, how can I have R not drop but also have them in the same row, so essentially having 6 total items / joins.


Hope this makes sense. I know i can do multiple uniques and rejoins but I was hoping an easier cleaner way from you experts?


attached is my workflow and data.

..Well multiple unique and joins wont work as it creates duplicates..


@txjohnnypops79 Can you attach the dataset for the workflow?