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Join back a Summarize table

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I am currently working on a flow, where the original Input data has about 20 fields and I summarized the data with 2 fields (Customers and Amount) by using Summarized icon.  I then filtered the summarized data using Filter icon.  I don't care about the TRUE data at the moment, but how do I join back the FALSE data back to the original input data knowing the amount has been summarized?



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Hi @yzhang316


You are going to want to use the join tool with the false output of your filter tool (left or right, doesn't matter) and the original input tool as your other side of the join. 


From there you will set the join to be on Customers = Customers. Take the value from the J output. This should have your original data schema + Sum_Amount. 


Let me know how this works for you. 




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Worked!  I had an error while joining the two tables before, but it is fixed!