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Join and select first value instead of creating duplicate records




I have a set of unique Loan Numbers with loan details that I wrote to a table in SQL (through Alteryx). I'm joining that table to a 2nd table to pull in borrower names. The issue I have is that the 2nd table sometimes has the same loan number listed multiple times and the names vary slightly in each one. It doesn't matter to me which name is pulled in because the name is just a reference for the end-user of this workflow but when I join the tables, Alteryx creates multiple rows for the loan numbers that show up multiple times in the 2nd table. I've seen some solutions where the problem is like Sales Orders with Dollar Amounts and it aggregates the dollar amounts so you end up with unique values for the Sales Order but I don't want to merge multiple instances of the names together, I just want it to pick one and move on to the next step.


Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!



Loan Table 1 that I want to bring in Borrower Names to:



Loan Table 2 with the Borrower Names:




Current Output Table that creates multiple duplicate records:




This solution was collectively sourced by the Philly user group live...


We suggest a couple of approaches:

(1) A unique tool placed after the borrower table and select unique on the loan number


(2) A group by on Loan number via a summary tool and pick a function like First for the names


(3) Sample tool using a group by on loan number


That worked! Thanks Philly!

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ACE Program Specialist
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