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Join Tool

8 - Asteroid



Is there a way I can join two sets of data together in the attached table format?



7 - Meteor

 I think this can be done by using "Join by Record Position" option in the Join tool, and then unioning the remaining data so that it's below the first two joined records.




8 - Asteroid

@JacobMoncla Sorry I forgot to mention, I have multiple Titles in both the tables which need to be joined together. So I guess we need a better logic to work for all titles

7 - Meteor

No worries, could you provide an example of the titles that you would like to join together?

12 - Quasar

At first this looks simple but on inspection it is an interesting problem.  I feel there is not enough info yet. 

To clarify you have two files, each with a title and data column

  • There may be one or more title values and each may be duplicated one or more times in both files
  • The data values...will they be unique across a title value or could they be duplicated within a given Title value?



  • And if I understand correctly from the first solution offered you only want the first occurrence of a title in file 1 matched to the first title of same value in file 2 and then they are not to be matched to any other.

If I am correct in the latter then a Sort followed by a Multi-Row tool can be used to create a record ID within the scope of a title value and then used in the Join in addition to the Title value to insure you only use a record once from each file in the matching.


I have provided an expanded sample data file plus workflow.



8 - Asteroid

@fharper This is great. Your assumptions were right. Works fine. Thanks a bunch!