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Join Tool Renames for Left & Right not working


I am joining 2 similar data streams.

Once I set up the join conditions, I set up the renames so that all of the columns from LEFT and RIGHT are prefixed with identifying key words, for example "A" and "B" for left and right respectively.

I am then UNION'ing all of the outputs together.

Looking at the UNION output stream:

The UNION output results show columns prefixed with "A" and "B", but it also shows columns with no prefix, which is unexpected.


Looking at each JOIN output stream (not the tool configuration, but the Results window):

The J output stream shows the columns correctly, where all of the columns from the LEFT input stream are prefixed with "A" and all the columns from the RIGHT input stream are prefixed with "B".

However, if I look at the LEFT or RIGHT output streams, they show columns without any prefixes.

The JOIN tool configuration still shows that all columns are being renamed with a corresponding prefix, but the output itself does not get renamed in the LEFT and RIGHT outputs.


I am having to have to put SELECT's after each stream to manually rename them before UNIONing them.


Is this a bug?

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Not a bug. When you apply renames to the join tool it is only for the Join. The Right and Left will not have the rename applied. Will need either select after union or multiple selects for Left/Right before Union.


I don't think SELECT after UNION would work, you'd end up with duplicate names if you wanted to make all streams have the same renames as configured in the JOIN tool. It would have to be before the UNION.


Why would this be the intended behavior?

If you specify renames in the Join tool, wouldn't you want it to apply to all parts of that tool, especially since it doesn't have separate configurations per output? If a tool doesn't have separate configurations for each output, isn't it more natural to assume its configuration applies to the whole tool?

If you want separate renames per output, isn't it more natural to handle the renames separately using Select's?

Seems a little bit out of whack.


My suggestion would be to use Dynamic Rename tools after the Join Tool's L and R outputs and then use the Union tool to bring them all together. Then you don't have to worry about selecting all the fields.