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Join Rental Amount String Error

8 - Asteroid

Hi I am joining two files together. One is a csv file and the other is an xlsx file. I am joining by specific fields and they are serial number and rental amount., but when I try to run the workflow, I get an error saying the String fields can only be joined to other string fields so I changed data type for Asset Rental Amount to a string to match the left rental amount but I am still getting the error. Does anyone happen to know why.



Chirag Gandhi  

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hey @Chirag_Gandhi07


You need to change the data type before the join (using a select tool) the change you made in the join tool only affects the results

13 - Pulsar

Unfortunately, you have to change the data types BEFORE the Join tool.  Add a Select tool just before your Join and change them there.  Changing the data type in the Join tool itself changes the data after the join happens, not before, so it's still attempting to join a string to a number.  Does that make sense?

8 - Asteroid

Yeah that worked! Thank you guys for your help! I'm new to Alteryx