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Join Error: Both left and right inputs must have connections.


I am trying to join two inputs 1: Dynamic Input that collects data from SQL server and 2: Data from Sales-force. I am getting " Join (32) Both left and right inputs must have connections." error . I do not have any missing links in the workflow and therefore I am not able to find the root cause.

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

It looks like you have got a series of dynamic inputs before the join, can you be sure these files are flowing through appropriately and there is no read errors?




Solved. You were right, though there wasn't any read error, but in one of the dynamic inputs I wasn't reading anything. Actually, the alteryx filter continues the flow though the filter condition is false. Is there a way to just stop the flow from processing further if the condition does not match except the count record and union solution?

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Okay, it's annoying that it's not throwing a read error though!

Check out the 'test' tool, and also within the crew macro pack, there are a series of easily configurable test tools that may be useful!




Just thought I'd add what was causing this issue for me, to help others on what to look for.  Relating back to the marked answer.


I had a container, four joins back in the workflow which I'd meant to collapse with the down arrow (allowing it to still run.)

Instead, I'd collapsed it with the blue box, disabling it.