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Jira connector or sample code with Download tool?


Before I head down the Jira-integration road, has anyone written Alteryx workflows that can read from Jira?


Anyone? Anyone? Bueller


Luckily since Jira was built for developers, it has a great REST API, so it'd be a simple matter of building the URLs to get the data you want then passing them into an Alteryx download tool with a GET request.


Here's the API documentation:


And here's the method you would specifically use to return Jira workflows:


Thanks Jason. Appreciate the info. 

Hi! I've been working with Jira, Alteryx and Tableau since the beginning of Aug this year. Totally feasible!

I'd hate to do the Jsonparsing without Alteryx.

I would greatly appreciate it if you would post the text tool and download tool with the sample code (minus your credentials) on this post. It would save me and others time not having to figure out the syntax. Thanks.


I'd do it happily! But they are the property of my client, so I'll have to ask for permission first. Don't know how long getting it will take (might be quick but might not...) but I think they'll understand that by helping others out here will also benefit them.

Will keep you posted!
Fingers crossed. Thanks.
Going to discuss this on Thursday. There were no cases like this that my managers were aware of, but one of them thought that I probably could share some bits and pieces which can help you proceed.
Payload and any headers. That would help a lot. Thanks.



JIRA's REST API is pretty solid and definitely one of the easier to use.  I may have gotten a bit carried away and went ahead and built a JIRA Connector for Alteryx.


Community Post & Documentation:

Link to Connector in Public Gallery:!app/JIRA-Connector/58d87c2feffc2a0dd0b5ed8f




Taylor Cox