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Jira connector or sample code with Download tool?

8 - Asteroid

Before I head down the Jira-integration road, has anyone written Alteryx workflows that can read from Jira?


Anyone? Anyone? Bueller

5 - Atom

Great work on this Macro! I'm trying to install now but get the following error: "'Failure to Import C:\Users... ': This document was created by a more recent version of this application and cannot be read."


I am on version


Is there anything on your end you can do about this? thanks!

11 - Bolide



I developed the connector using 11.0.3 and the error seems to suggest that the macro isn't compatible with previous versions of Alteryx.  Not much I could do about that other than developing/publishing a pre-11.0 version of this.  The easiest solution would be for you to update to an 11.0 version of Alteryx (which has some great new features).  There are non-admin install options if you need them.

7 - Meteor

iterative macro version here:!app/Jira-Iterative-Macro-Connector/5cf81b8a0462d712c8e75001


Needed to do this to refresh data automatically and a one shot pull wasn't doable through your connector because our local admins set a 100 record limit...didn't want to deal with getting that changed, and would cause problems after 5,000 anyway...


so here you go.  connect your project info and feed it in there as input.  the sample input should have some notes to guide you...

6 - Meteoroid

I am looking at the sample data that you included and I cannot seem to get the correct authentication information input.


When I use the API from my browser, it automatically logs me in, using my regular work login and password, and gives me the JSON.

When I run Python from the prompt, I use my regular work login and password.


However, when I try to use my regular work login and password for this, I get an authentication error.


Could this mean that I do not have a high enough permission set for my login?


I have reached out to see if I can get our admin to get me a api_key, but when you have that, what do you use as the user?


Can you please provide more information?


Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated. I am new to this and eager to learn.