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Japanese character display

Alteryx Partner



We have a report created in Alteryx which being sent as email to the users in the body of the email.


This report has a column which contains the data with Japanese chars. We see that when this report is generated locally (HTML render) then the data is displayed correctly.


But email which is generated through server has Japanese chars coming as garbled and we already have setting “Force SQL WChar Support” set as True.


Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated here. See sample workflow screenshot with text input used but Oracle is the source.


Email Alteryx.PNG



Hi @neeleshapatil,


This looks like encoding issue, provided your data flows fine through the workflow and is broken in the email output - please try applying the relevant encoding to your string fields beforehand.


I'm not sure how this will reflect in the values you see in the workflow, but i guess what matters in your case is the email output - playing with encodings may potentially allow you to achieve this.


It would be hard for me to simulate this my side without any examples, if you don't mind attaching some text samples? 







#Excuse me, do you speak Alteryx?

Alteryx Partner

thanks Rafal for your reply.


Problem Statement :- Japanese characters render fine in the Email tool as long as they haven't passed through the Table tool or the Report Text tool.


Please see attached sample. In actual scenario our report is created with multiple snippets and here i am just trying to show this issue which is rendering of Japanese characters in the body of the email




you will need to add relevant details in the email tool and see if Japanese characters rendering fine through Email tool in the text received to your email address. HTML render works fine and even tried to save it as image but gives issues