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JSON in Input Data - property names as columns, property values as rows - how?


I am new to Alteryx.

Suppose, i have JSON file with following content:


I would like to use it as input data.

I expect it to be de-serialized into:



Instead, i have:


Is there any way to configure the way JSON is parsed in Alteryx?


Hi @DikAlex777


Essentially, the iInput tool will parse the JSON field into JSON Names and JSON Values – JSON Name is a listing of all the columns in the dataset (each occurrence) and JSON Value has the row value corresponding to each.


To get them in standard tabulated format, you’ll want to cross tab with JSON Name being the Header and JSON Value being the values.


I have attached sample workflow (Alteryx 10.6) to get the desired format.






Jordan Barker

Solutions Consultant

Hi Jordan,

Thank you, that works!

But, the problem is that i cannot reconstruct the JSON back to original form. I changed your workflow a bit, and use text input, then JSON Parse, then as you suggest via Pivot to table format.

Then, i need to add some columns to the table, and then for each row construct JSON in form "ColumnName":"RecordValue", but it does not work.

Even simple combo JSON Parse -> JSON Build gives an error: JSON Build (20): An array can't be at the top level.

I have not found any description about this error, just a warning from JSON Build that this is experimental tool.


I tried Output data tool to save to JSON file, and it works as expected, but then, how i use the data from the file in my workflow?

The point is that i need to add few parameters to customer id and send them to a web service as POST body in JSON form.

one of the options is to use Formula and do simple concatenation of strings, but i just wanted to do "proper" serialization.

Example is attached. in the example, only Output Data tool gives original JSON, if you check the file content.

The first JSON Build thrown aforementioned error, and the final JSON Build gives "{"CountryCode":"SE","ID":"1111111","CountryCode":"FI","ID":"222222"}" which is not the original one, but close.


Also, though it is not directly related to this question, but how one serializes data to XML in Alteryx? I have found only XML parse tool.


Hi @DikAlex777


I've take a look internally and found this workflow which shows you how to parse the JSON and then build it back.


The reason the array error was appearing was because we needed a single field rather than a array before the JSON build tool. More details can be found within the module.


Workflow attached (10.6)




Jordan Barker

Solutions Consultant