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JIRA tool

5 - Atom

Hi Team,


I'm working on collecting ticket data from JIRA using JIRA tool. I noticed that JIRA tool will pull only 5000 records. On what basis the toll is pulling the records ? Are those recent 5000 records or in some other order ?


Thanks in advance.



17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Assuming you are talking about the tool in this post:


Looking into the macro it seems like there is no 'start_index' specified and therefor it defaults to 0, though it's not explicitly clear what that means.

One thing it seems, is that this macro could be converted into an 'iterative' macro to cover off the 'pagination' that is required in order to grab each page of 5000 results (I believe the limit is set to 5000 in order to keep below rate limits, which can be handled in any macro you develop via the throttle tool).