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JIRA Database Connection


Hello.  Looking to see if anyone as connected to an actual JIRA database (not through the URL connector)?  If so, how have you done this?  I tried as a SQL connection, but got error messages.


I tried the JIRA connector that is in the gallery, but is is to limiting (unless i am using it wrong) with the 1,000 row and 1 project limit.  I have access to the database, but now can't connect.  It just times out.


Thank you




Hello @aberry0613,


Currently, Jira is not a supported data source and support on this is limited.

Can you please send a screenshot of the error you are encountering? If possible, please also include your workflow with some sample data.



Community Moderator

Hello Trevor.  Attached is a screen shot of the error i received.  I do not have a workflow yet.  I was just trying to use the input tool to start to look at the data and got the error.


When you were trying to set up, were you using the Input Data tool? And how were you trying to set up the connection?

Were you trying to connect in with the ODBC connection?

Community Moderator

Hi Allison,


I don't have a definite answer for you but maybe some pointers for you to look next.


1) From your error message, it seems that the connection is failing to be established, I don't have much knowledge/experience with database management but could it be a firewall or some other mechanism in place preventing you from connecting to the database? Have you tried connecting to the DB using some other tool? (SQL server, etc..)


2) Before I learned about the Jira connector, one of my colleagues had developed a similar solution to what the macro uses, downloading the data from Jira using JQL and parsing it out. To get around the issue of downloading 1,000 records at a time, we implemented the solution as a batch macro that would change the starting and ending values of the query in steps of 1,000. So the first iteration would run from 0 to 999, second from 1,000 to 1,999 and so on.


Hope this helps you in some way,



You can fetch multiple pages of 1000 rows. You keep on changing value in Starting field. E.g. 1, 1001, 2001 and so on..