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Iterative macro running 0 iterations


Hello all,


I'm trying to create an iterative macro, while testing it the first 4 iterations work as they should if you test them manually. However when running the macro (once it's been finalized) and inserting it into the workflow it runs with 0 iterations, which I guess means not even the first iteration could finish. This seems impossible, as I mentioned before while testing first two iterations manually they worked.


Please help, don't even know how to debug something that doesn't A. appear as an error, and B. doesn't lead me to where in my workflow the problem seems to be in.




P.S. I can't upload the macro as the necessary files to run it are client confidential.

P.SS. the context for this macro is that I'm trying to build trade areas around a starting point, capture all stores in that area, and then for every iteration ahead, use all previousely selected stores to re-start the capturing process, effectively building a chain of connections between locations that originates in a single initial point.

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @Ehatie 


Is your loop output (the one that feeds next iteration's input) with same structure as macro Input?


That's something to be concerned about, because I see you do a bunch of transformations and usually, when fields are modified and changed, you need to use Select tool to bring them back to their original configuration.




Hi yes, they are.


I already solved this through multiple tests and turns out that Alteryx apparently runs a check up on feasability of the next iteration before finishing to run the first one. If something fails on i+1 then i doesn't finish and hence we end up with 0 iterations run. That is at least my theory as I figured after making a small change in a join right after the input that what caused this had to happen after iteration 1.