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Iterative Macro


I want my iterative macro to be reusable. I want to set parameters for url and page. These values should be fed into the macro where applicable.



Alteryx Partner

You can add Interface tools such as Text Boxes. These would show up in the area that is normally the configuration tool for regular tools. If you can provide some more detail I can try to put together an example.


Let me know if this helps,



the iterative macro has two Input fields the url and the page, these I need to be variable so every time I have to go to new page which has the similar json pattern I could reuse my macro.

I was trying to use a batch macro to replace the current values in the input, I could only achieve any success with analytic app but not a batch macro.


as the ultimate result I want to be able to use it in a workflow pass in the url. Please let me know.


Alteryx Partner

You'll want to add a Text Box Interface Tool which connects to that formula tool, replacing whatever string you have in place of the URL right now. When you place this, your workflow may have converted to an Analytic App, but you can turn it back into a batch macro by going to the Workflow Configuration pane (which you can access by clicking on a blank spot of the canvas, away from any tools a few times), navigate to the Workflow tab and select Macro from the radio button menu, and Batch Macro from the dropdown next to it.


You could then update that URL as if it were a configuration setting whenever you place this batch macro in another workflow.


Let me know if you need me to clarify anything.


The value in Url field does not get changed.

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Just running the workflow won't change the text, as it doesn't ask the Interface Questions. If you want to get an idea of what will happen, you can add a browse tool to the end and enable it to show On Completion in the Interface Designer (accessible by Ctrl+Alt+D). If you try this, as in the workflow I've attached, and run it using the wand icon in the top toolbar in Designer, it will run as an App, and ask the questions.


The version you sent without any changes seems to update the test text when you do this.


Let me know if this helps,


thanks! this was first analytic app so I was not sure how to test it out.

Here is my actual macro and template I get an error when I try this.

Alteryx Partner

That looks to me like there's an issue in the download tool, perhaps there is an issue with the updating of the URL field. try with the test workflow and an actual URL you want to use to see what it outputs, then copy/paste that into a Text Input that you pass to a download tool and see if it works. I think the D output is failing because by default a batch macro is going to expect all outputs to have the same schema, as it unions together all of the batches at the end, just operates on them separately. You can go to the Interface Designer and change the "Output Mode" to "Auto Configure by Name" which should give you an output you'll be able to split into the different templates you're creating.


Since I'm not sure exactly what you're trying to parse and what you've passed to those tools, its a little difficult to debug it, but those would be my immediate suspects.