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Iterative Macro Trouble


Been pulling my hair out trying to understand why I can't select the bottom right Macro Output ("Iterate") as the Iteration Output in the attached workflow. I am pretty new to macros, but feel like I am doing this right and can't spot the issue whatsoever. Can anyone help me understand the problem in my configuration?




Hi @justindavis ,

I can't  open packaged wf.   This is the error .


You can share  individual files  i.e  macro and data   or  export macro again .

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I think your macro file (.yxmc) did not save successfully causing it to lose some of the XML code. I also get the error that @benakesh mentioned and determined that it was due to the last save not writing successfully.


This could be the reason why you're not able to see any options to select what output to iterate. If you've closed out the file, are you able to reopen it? If you aren't, you may look at your autosaved repo (File > Open Workflow > Open Autorecovered Files) to see if there's a version there that is complete.




@jrgo You may be onto something because I'm not able to open the file after having created it. Do you know what may need to be done to rectify the issue, though? Also is there something I need to be doing to avoid the issue in the first place?


This is the error message I receive when trying to re-open a similar iterative macro I tried creating today. It's very frustrating.



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Hi @justindavis 


Only way I've been able to fix is by opening up the workflow in a text editor to interrogate the XML and delete all items/element which are associated to that toolid.


Only recommend if you have a good understanding of XML structure, but be sure you have an unaltered copy.


I've fixed the macro you had originally shared. I had to delete entries for two tools (#21 and #23). Both of these look to have been macro outputs.


Starting to think that there may be a bug in Designer that is causing workflow files to not save completely, but not sure what may be causing it since its not happening all the time, but being that I've had this issue more than once and so have you, don't think i can say it's coincidental anymore.


Feel free to shoot over the other workflow you're having this issue with and I'll see if I can fix if you aren't able to.

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@jrgo thank you for taking the time to put together such a helpful response, Jimmy. I have found success today by recreating my macro from scratch but avoiding converting any browse or input data tool into macro output/input via the shortcut, but instead just dragging macro input and macro output onto the canvas individually and configuring them. Perhaps that workaround is sufficient for the time being until the bug can be eliminated. For someone new to iterative macros I was wondering what I’ve been doing wrong, but now not so sure it was an issue on my part. Thanks again.