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Iterative Macro Nesting?

6 - Meteoroid

I am trying to build a nested macro that contains an iterative macro inside another iterative macro inside a standard macro. I have created the 2nd iterative macro (the one that will be nested within the higher-level iterative macro) without any trouble. In building the higher-level iterative macro, however, Designer keeps changing the macro format to Batch every time I insert the nested iterative macro onto the canvas (specifically when I attach the Control Parameter).


Here is a screenshot pre-Control Parameter:



And here is how it looks as soon as I add the Control Parameter:



Is it not possible to nest an iterative macro inside another iterative macro?

16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

You definitely should be able to nest iterative macros (caveat:I've never actually tried it)! However, the control parameter tool can only be used for batch macros, which explains why your macro is automatically turning into a batch macro when you add the control parameter. So your 2 options would be to either keep the control parameter and set it up as a batch macro, or change the control parameter to a macro input and set it up as an iterative macro. It's possible that based on your unique workflow only 1 of those two is possible/ideal.

6 - Meteoroid

Thanks for correcting my obvious ignorance around Iterative Macros. It works perfectly without the Control Parameter & Action tools (I saw them in the example iterative macro I was looking at and just assumed they were necessary as well). Thanks!