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Iterative Batch Macro for Forest Model




I want to create an iterative forest model which changes the input parameter (number of variables to be used in each split) on the go using a text input object and run iteratively till the number of items come to an end in the text input. As a result of this iteration we should get the best model on the basis of some model assessment done by us.


Is there a possibility to do this in Alteryx, just like we create a for loop in R and change the parameters for each iternation.




Hi @sidjain1112


Attached is an example of where you can feed in the list of values to iterate through. 




Jordan Barker

Solutions Consultant


Hi Jordan,


Thanks for your reply. I looked at your example and it seems that you have provided the input parameter value "max depth" into the tree model by using the control input parameter.


Now I am confused because when i run this model then i get 2 identical tree outputs. This is because the tree always takes the value of max depth=10 and it is getting repeated with number of values. So can you please check it and let me know how to update it so that the model takes the parameter value from the input field.






I updated it and its working fine now. Thanks a lot for your reply again. Appreciate your help.