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Issues with the Latest Update Alteryx 11.3 x64

I'm experiencing lot of performance issues with the latest Alteryx update. I think that the work flow is getting auto-refreshed for non-related changes, say if I move the Input data tab from right to left, the workflow is getting refreshed. If I create, a formula tab, then it's getting refreshed. I'm not sure, if I'm the only one who is experiencing this issues. This whole refresh is slowing my model building process.


Thanks, in advance for any help.




No.. we did an upgrade too and are not seeing this behavior. Probably Alteryx customer support should be able to help.




Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Until there is an explanation, disabling the Auto Configure option might help. There's a thread on this in the Knowledge Base Discussion:



I apparently don't have access to the round table (the link you provided)


Can you share the solution in the thread?  - This is also killing my performance. 



When it's Auto Configure is disabled, I can click between tools, and make updates, but I have to turn it back on for the tools to apparently see the field changes downstream.  This has become quite annoying.