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Issues with Connecting to ODBC 32 bit Oracle Client - Alteryx 11.0

I used to connect to ODBC 32 bit in the traditional way (Connect to a FIle or Database -> Other Database -> 32 Bit Database Connections -> ODBC), currently I updated to Alteryx 11.0, I tried to use Scheduler to Schedule my Model. While establishing connections, at one point it updated my Registry. From then, I face lot of difficulty to connect to the Database. I got issues including architecture mismatch. 


I ended up, uninstalling my Oracle Client 11.2 version and updated with Oracle 12.0 version (32 bit). My tnsnames and System Path are set properly, but when I try to connect with ODBC 32 bit in Alteryx, it is not making an attempt to connect to the database. All the connections in ODBC are visible in Alteryx, but they are not getting connected to any database.



Please help me out.

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

is  your alteryx version 32 or 64 bit?

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My Alteryx Version is 64 bit. Oracle 32 bit, I'm using 32 Bit, Oracle client for connecting.



Do you have a 64bit ODBC driver available?  I just encountered this same issue today, and was able to resolve by using the 64bit driver instead.

Is there a resolution for this?


I have run into the same problem making the scheduler tool unusable.