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Issues wih Windows 10, working with Alteryx version 11.5.1


Hello, I am currently the only person in my team using windows 10 with Alteryx version 11.5. although its works I have experienced issues which the rest of the team have not encountered.   

One issue I came across recently was using Publish to Tableau server app in testing, two members of the team were able to use app successfully, but I was unable to use it. We all went through the same process using URL file path and providing username and own login details. The only difference between us is they are using an older version of windows and I am using windows 10.

Just checking has anybody else encountered similar issues?

Alteryx Certified Partner

I am going to ask the obvious question here but are you able to upgrade Altery at all? 11.5 is quite old now and they are 8 major releases ahead of that now. 


If you can send any screenshots or any errors you are getting maybe we can troubleshoot from there. 







As above, 11.5 actually fell outside of support on 15/02/2019 support policy.


I'd recommend upgrading version if at all possible. 


That being said it may be possible to fix if you do send through a screenshot or two