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Issue with output to .json (adding backslashes??)

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Hi all, 


I have an issue when i am outputting a file to json format. 


The data is all concatenated in to a single field which i then need to output


If you view the data in a browse tool, all looks as it should, however, if you open the output file, before AND after each field name and data element, a "\" has been put by alteryx? It is coded in UTF-8 if that makes a difference.


How can i prevent this? The output file is for upload in to another system so this creates an annoying manual step before i can do that.


Secondly, is there any way i can output the data without the field name title in the json? 


Thankyou in advance experts!!

16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

Hi @neilo80 


Yes, you can do this. If you output in CSV format you can switch off headers and stop it quoting thing. A configuration like:


should do what you need.


You will need to have built it into a single value so you may need to concatenate first.


Hope this helps


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thankyou, that worked perfectly!!