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Issue with Numeric format out of greenplum

9 - Comet

Hello Community! 


I have been handed a query that is run in a pivotal greenplum database (postgresql). It uses the following function to change the format to numeric for summing purposes: "public.money2numeric"


Aggregating with the query is critical because of the volume involved. 


When i input this in Alteryx, it runs, but generates a ton of "fixed decimal fields are limited to a precision of 350 characters including the sign and decimal point" errors. 


This then appears to pollute every subsequent tool in the workflow. It doesn't really seem to be causing any problems, but, as a pioneer, it doesn't look good and i'd like to solve it. 


Any ideas? 


Best - 


9 - Comet

OK, figured it out. Hopefully someone else finds this useful: 


1. Use the select tool to convert the numeric fields to float. 

2. Use the formula tool and the "round" function to round it to a reasonable level. 



5 - Atom

Hi David - I have the exactly same errors!!!


However, i didnt get when you say use the select tool or formula tool. Should them been used BEFORE the Input data icon, or AFTER?

9 - Comet

after, but the error will still show in the prior tools. 


I think the real solution is to find postgresql syntax that provides a different format than numeric.