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Issue with Browse Window blocking flow confirmation


If I have a flow running, and a browse from the early portion of the flow finishes, so I click the link the in the results pane to take a peek at the records, that window will sometimes be in a place where it covers the "Flow Complete" dialog box that pops up when a flow finishes.  So now that dialog box is the active Alteryx window, but I can't click OK, because it's covered by the browse window, which I can't close, because non of its buttons are clickable, because the other dialog box is active.  In older versions, I used to be able to hit spacebar to 'click' OK in the dialog box, but that no longer works.  So now I have to use Task manager to force close Designer, which, as you can imagine, is not ideal.


I know I should just move the browse window before the flow finishes, but I'm clearly not good at doing that, and this used to not be an issue because there was a way around it, and I don't want to disable the "flow complete" dialog entirely.  Does anyone have a way around this since the 2018.4 update when the look of the UI changed?  I'd appreciate it greatly.





Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi Justin, 


Could you please share a screenshot of the error?


Hi Jacob,

It isn't really an error message that pops up. And I'm not sure a screenshot would really show much. I know how to duplicate it, but I don't want to do it at this moment, because it messes with my workflow. I'll reply back in a bit when I can get a screenshot. Thanks!


Here's the best I've got.  So my browse window in this screen shot is right at the same spot the dialog box pops up.  So now I can't get to that to click "ok".  And have to open windows task manager to kill Alteryx.


Alteryx Certified Partner

We were able to replicate this error on multiple computers, and I believe it's a bug. I don't think it can be remedied through settings modification. I would recommend reporting this to, since I haven't encountered this error before this version.


Sounds good, I will do that.  Thanks, Jacob!

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi Justin, 


I just wanted to mention that from my experience as well as others dealing with this issue, using task manager is still the best way of getting around it. However I would suggest using task manager to stop just the browse window associated with the Alteryx instance rather than the program overall. 




A defect has been created, and this issue should be solved in a future update...

Customer Support Engineer