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Issue with Alteryx output to Macro enabled Excel file




I have an Alteryx workflow that outputs multiple data stream/tables (around 40+) to around 20 worksheets of an pre-defined macro enables excel file. However, when I run them, it gives me an unexpected error of "Error: Encountered existing data beyond the specified range"  although the specified data range is quite well off. I do not get this error when I simply output them in a new excel file.

Also, sometimes Alteryx will not give any error, but the last row of data will not be populated in the output sheet. For instance, if there are 10 rows that Alteryx output is showing, only 9 rows will be outputted in my Macro enabled excel file.

Can someone please assist/guide me how should I approach this issue.

Thanks in advance.

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @Vishalkr009 


I think this is a very specific case, so more details would be needed to find out what's going on.


Some questions I'd like to ask:


1) Are you outputting to a named range in Excel? Or you're just pointing to a new sheet?

2) What options are you using? Create New Sheet, or Overwrite Sheet?





Hi @Vishalkr009 


Outputting to named ranges is tricky to get right as it only works if everything is set up in the exact right way.


Have a look at this thread where Joe explains how to do it:





Hi Thableaus,


I am using the Named range in Excel. My outputs are going to the multiple sheets of an existing Macro enabled excel file, and some of these sheets have data coming from multiple output tools (of the same Alteryx workflow).

I am using the Overwrite Sheet (Drop) option.


The most surprising thing is that I do not get any of the above mentioned errors when I output them in a new excel file.



Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner



Are you including the header row into your specified range?




Yes, I am specifying the header row in my output.

Attached the screenshot of the Named range.




Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner



In this particular case, you have to be aware of some things:


- Your output in Alteryx must have exactly 6 rows and 11 columns of data (Header counts in the Range).

- Your sheet name must be exactly the same in your Excel file.


Otherwise, I don't see how this could generate any error.





My output in Alteryx is less than the specified range. It is around 2 Rows and 4 columns (in this case).

The sheet name in Excel is exactly the same.Still, I get the error and that is why I am confused.


It is not that the named range does not work in my case. I am using around 40 named range outputs. However, only for 2-3 of the outputs it gives an error "Error: Encountered existing data beyond the specified range"  even when the data is quite within the limit. Surprisingly, when I delete the sheet from my macro enabled excel file, it works. But, the next time I re-run the workflow it again fails and throws the error message. Since there are a lot of output sheets and the intent is to automate the process, deleting the sheets every time before executing the workflow is not going to work.