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Issue while installing Alteryx

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Hi Team,


I'm facing the below issue while installing the Alteryx. Could you please help with the same. I cross checked the internet connectivity, it's stable only. I'm attaching the error screenshot,

12 - Quasar

Hi @RameshSrinivasan 


That's not an Alteryx install issue, it's to do with Microsoft Defender Smartscreen. Can you disable it for the time you need to install Alteryx?

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Hi @RameshSrinivasan 

It's an issue regarding the firewall and antivirus. Please disable the firewall and antivirus then try to install the Alteryx designer.

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Thank you.


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It is an issue with the signing, if you view the properties of the Alteryx Installer, you can find a security warning at the end. With clicking the checkbox next to it, you should be able to install Alteryx.


Please note that this is a security setting..


2022-08-01 11_18_29-Window_Alterx.png