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Issue Identifying Spatial Centroids within a Sequential Polyline Polygon




I've attached a workflow that does the following:

  • Inputs and spatially enables roughly 750 latitude/longitude coordinates
  • Generates a Sequence Polyline polygon from the coordinates
  • Inputs a list of ZIP Codes within CA and spatially enables them based on:
  • Attempts to identify the centroids (based on latitude/longitude coordinates listed above) intersecting the Sequence Polyline polygon

As you'll see, the workflow doesn't return any matches. In an attempt to troubleshoot, I tested using the GEOM field from ca_zip_codes.yxdb (instead of POP_CENTROID_LONGITUDE/POP_CENTROID_LATITUDE) and the workflow returns 15 ZIP Codes (Note: You'll want to remove the Create Points tool after ca_zip_codes.yxdb before testing for yourself).


Hoping to understand why this is occurring and ultimately be able to identify the POP_CENTROID lat/lon coordinates that fall within the Sequence Polyline polygon. Thanks!




Alteryx Certified Partner

I don't really understand what you want to get here. You're trying to see where the a line intersects with a points? You get the answer of zero, which is correct. If you want to see how many points intersect with the the area enclosed within that polyline (just re-read your question and I think that is what you want!) then change the build method to Sequence Polygon instead of Sequency Polyline in the poly-build tool and you'll get 4 matches.


Spatial Match - Capture.PNG


Thank you very much Philip! Your response made me realize I was looking at a Sequence Polyline as a polygon (e.g. containing the area enclosed within the line) which is incorrect. You're also completely correct, my objective was to identify the points (population centroid lat/lon coordinates) enclosed in that area. Changing to Sequence Polygon solved that for me so much appreciated. Great learning experience. Cheers!