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Issue Connecting to the SharePoint List Input



I am brand new to Alteryx. I am currently using Designer 10, and connected to a base SharePoint library using the SharePoint List Input tool, but I don't know where to go from here -- I need to dig much deeper into the SharePoint library. (SharePoint version is at least 2010 -- possibly 2013)


For example, when I connect, I can pick up the base Document Library in the "List" dropdown, and the only View I can select is "All Documents - Default." So far so good.

A browse into this shows me the a list of folders, including the first folder I will need to drill into (e.g Layer 1).

However, I will then need to drill down 2 more levels deep to get the appropriate list.


I can get as far as an URL in the format of:


If I attempt to identify any folders beyond that, the configuration tool declares it is an invalid directory.


Steps I've tried thus far:

-- removing https and formatting as directory url

-- removing https and trying as an internet url

-- adding escape characters in the URL for HTML formatting

-- NOT using escape characters in the URL


Is there another tool I need to bring in to loop through and pick up the correct list so I can then browse the contents of the correct list that is 2 or 3 levels deeper?




Can you clearify if you are trying to either (1) read in the contents of file(s) that are in a sharepoint document libarary (for example some excel files that are posted on SP) or (2) read the SP list data itself?


The Sharepoint list input tool would generally be used for #2.  As far as inputs, just put everything up to the first section after 'sites' in the URL (assuming you don't have subsites setup).  So in your example, you would input '' then the drop down will populate with all the lists and views to which you have access on that sharepoint site.  You can then select the appropriate one and continue your flow.


If you are trying #1, to use the contents of files on Sharepoint (example of excel files), then you don't need the Sharepoint List input conector and instead can simply use an Input tool.  In the path, just drop the 'http://' portion from the url and enter '//'  This will then read the sharepoint document library as a network drive.


Thanks. I read through your info and got it. I needed to go into the directory in Explorer mode, snag the filepath, and then switch the slashes to read as a network drive, e.g.


\\\sites\MainDirectory\MainGroupRepository\Certain Projects\Projects 1\00 Control Phase\Master List\


I put that into a Directory tool, applied the Filter tool with criteria, added a Sort tool for convenience and I can see the specific list of Excel files I want (with a certain Filename).


Now to read them in. :) Thanks much!


Hi Jason,


For option #1 what type of Input tool should I use to connect to the Sharepoint Directory (Input Data, Directory, etc.)?  


If it is Input Data is there a specific file format or database connection type I need to choose to see the results in a directory view? I am trying to connect to an Excel spreadsheet on the Sharepoint site.


The standard Input tool will work- be sure to use the network path notation as I showed in first response.  If you want multiple excle files in that document library, you could use a '*.xlsx' specifier, or if its just 1 file you can put the full path directly to that specific excel file.


If you are entering the URL into an Input tool correctly and get your path to work you may find that the path does not work after a number of runs. In trouble shooting this issue I found that SharePoint was looking for my domain login information and without it could not retrieve the files / data I had pointed the tool to. By dropping the connection path into a windows explorer window I was able to initiate the login screen and after entering my information, get the input file paths to run successfully. 


I would be interested to know if there is a way to save my login information so I do not have to do this in the future?





I am now a beta user and still cannot figure out how to put in the correct Sharepoint URL.


I have tried many different versions and of this


Each version receives the same error Please enter a valid connection


Hi Jason,


My company's SP is a MS Office 365 cloud. I dont see your solution working there. Please advise.





Hello @Niladri,


There are currently issues in connecting with 365 cloud.  Changes are on the roadmap for the next release and you can read more in the discussion at the link below.



Jess Silveri
Premium Support Advisor | Alteryx

Hello Jason, I am trying to complete option #1 below. The only difference is that my file is a ZIP with 2 different Excel CSV files in it. Can you help me with the additional steps for connecting to the specific CSV file I need in that ZIP file?