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Isolating certain dates based on user input

Hi there, 


I'm sorry if this is too simple for this for thread, but I am trying to isolate journal entries that fall outside of the fiscal year, as determined by the user. The flow works, however when I created a macro with it, asking the user to select the start and end dates, I get the error, "[Referring to the filter tools] The field "2016-01-01" is not contained in the record."


I haven't added any fields to this data and am sure this is a quick fix but not sure what it is. Also, is there a simpler way to do this? 




Alteryx Partner

Jesse, can you try running this workflow with your (slightly modified) macro to see if it works for you?


Thanks gc for the reply!


I found out what I was doing wrong... It wasn't in the union, it was in my actions - I didn't click "replace a specific string" and so it must have been adding a field with the input of the period. Here's the altered one, with a "score" field to make an identifier. Thanks again for your help - knowing someone else cares about my project was enough encouragement to wade through the muck.