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Is there any easy vlookup that would let me add on a column to a file?

8 - Asteroid

Basically I have two files, lets call them file A and File B


File A will be an almost weekly document where the people will change each time But will feature their Name and Email.

File B Will rarely if ever change and figures basically the information of everyone in the company, specifically their Email and their Employee ID.

What I want to do is take File A and Search file B for the matching email and when it finds it puts the matching Employee ID number in a new Column in File A. 

Mostly the information from File A is coming from a Google Form output so I havent had a chance to go through all of the different google forms(there are like 6) to see how much they match up, but even a basic start of an idea and I could mess with it till it works.

16 - Nebula


It seems that you are looking at a Find and Replace Tool with Append Field(s) to Record option.


8 - Asteroid

@rmartori Attached and below should be the droids you're looking for.


I prefer using the Join tool.  It's also useful if you want to view any E-mails (input from your Google form) that might be missing (or misspelled) from your list of Employee IDs.