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Is there a way to setup Excel cells height and width through Alteryx?

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The Excel worksheet is setup correctly through Alteryx. But, some cells do not have enough room to give full number. Is there a setting on Alteryx so that on Excel, it does not show #########?


This is just an example in what I am seeing on Excel. The whole number does appear on the Formula bar. 

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Hi @bmay10 ,


One workaround that I can think of is exploiting the functionality of the report tools. Stick a table tool and clear up any formatting.


Then after the table tool, use a render tool and set it to output an excel file.



If the provided report style/paper size at the bottom of the configuration window is set to be wide enough, then you should not see any ####### values.


Let me know if that worked for you.





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I do appreciate for the example.


I have tried using those steps. I do have a table and render on the canvas, I checked the settings. I tried by changing the default table settings on the Table. Also, on the table, I looked  at each column's width, alignment, and so on.


I am still trying to fix it so that it shows numbers, not #### on Excel.  

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You could also create a template in Excel and instead of overwriting an entire sheet, you can just created a named range and overwrite that, thereby keeping the rest of the Excel sheet formatting intact.



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That sounds about right @bmay10 ,


Also make sure to configure the Render tool as shown in the screenshot above, this is what will have the most impact.



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thank you

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