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Is there a way to convert binary zip data into a usable format inside alteryx?


I have used the download tool to request data from a vendor API. I get valid response but unfortunately they return a string of binary zip file instead of xml or json.


Here is the relevant response:


<FileName>2019-01-15_EMM Index Factor</FileName>



I am assuming I need to take the value in the binary data and convert it back into a zip file but I am unsure of how to go about it inside of alteryx.



The vendors documentation is written from the perspective of coding it in C# and using their wsdl template and only mentions the binary conversion as follows:


MemoryStream myMemOut = new





Any ideas on where to start would be greatly appreciated. Or just letting me know it is impossible would also be appreciated as well.


Have you tried configuring the download tool to output the zip to a temporary file rather than output to a string?