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Is there a way to apply row/column freeze and filter to output in alteryx?




I am new to alteryx and I would like to know if there is a way to apply row/ column freeze to an output in alteryx?


I have two different output formats:

1. Simple csv file

2. Output from a report render tool which is formatted for presentation.


My objective is to be able to freeze the heading, the first column and apply the "filter" (like excel) to both of these output formats.


Any help is greatly appreciated.




ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

Hi @AnujnaN,


What will you be using to view the .csv and/or rendered report file?


I don't think it will be possible with a .csv, since a .csv does not contain information pertinent to "how to display" the data.  Conversely, a rendered report is basically "already displayed," so I'm unaware of ways to freeze rows; (but perhaps others may know creative solutions).


If I wanted to display with the capabilities you mention, I would probably export to .xlsx and display in Excel.







Hi John,


The rendered output is in .pcxml format so I could download it as an excel.


Once downloaded to an excel we can use properties of excel to freeze and introduce the filter button.

But I was hoping there was a way to introduce the freeze before downloading. Then after downloaded one gets the desired format without those extra steps.


(I do understand this is not much of a task to do manually in excel, but it would still be great to be able to customize it in alteryx)



ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

Hi @AnujnaN,


Thanks for clarifying. Unfortunately I think it will be virtually impossible to tell Excel what to have "pre-frozen" from any format other than Excel's own .xlsx format... and even that might involve a post-export step where you tell Powershell to open the file and apply the correct settings; (which is only an idea - I'm not sure what the exact settings would be).


I did something similar in the past where I added a filter afterward; (see attached example)

The .ps1 file it references is as follows:


## Instantiate the COM object
$excelObj = New-Object -ComObject Excel.Application

$excelWorkBook = $excelObj.Workbooks.Open($excelFileFath)
$excelWorkSheet = $excelObj.WorkSheets.item("sheet1")

## Turn on auto-filter
$headerRange = $excelWorkSheet.Range("a1","z1").AutoFilter() | Out-Null

## close everything

## make sure the process is really gone...
Get-Process | where {$_.Name -like "Excel*"} | % {
    $Id = $
    if ((Get-WmiObject Win32_Process -Filter "ProcessID = '$id'" | select CommandLine) -like "*embed*")
        Stop-Process -Id $id -WhatIf

You may be able to do something similar to add row freezing. But again, this all assumes the export is a .xlsx.





Thanks John I will give this a try!

I was also hoping to extract the heading from the first row of data and play with the "Layer" property in the report.

This would give an effect of fixed row heading.


Either way thanks!!