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Is there a limitation as to how many files a render tool can output?


Hi experts,


I am trying to output 185 files in total, each having two sheets. Each sheet has a different data set it is gathering info from. Originally, these were output tools but I needed to do some formatting so I converted them into Render tools. I have followed the advice on the other posts and setup the workflow like this (see below image). These are actually two independent workflows that ran without errors. I needed to combine them though in order to get formatted sheets, since the render tool throws a "Repair.. " error and adds a blank sheet instead. 


It is able to generate 27 out of 185 files successfully, then the other outputs follow with this error:

Render (39): You have found a bug. Replicate, then let us know. We shall fix it soon.






Is there a limitation as to how many files a render tool can output?


Any tips and help is appreciated.





Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hello @KMadamba ,


As far as I know it has to be with the overall performance of your computer and the reassignation of resources while having large workloads.


You could also change your strategy and format your sheets using a visual basic macro to be applied to the excel file, which saves space on your drive and is also faster.




Thank you @afv2688  for the suggested workaround