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Is "Google Analytics connector" not available on the Gallery?

7 - Meteor



The one I downloaded a while ago shows error on the configuration panel and I can't select any metrics (see below). I want to try downloading again, but can't find it. Does anyone have a working connector that can share with me?



Thank you,


Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @Angela_Cheng,


I believe that tool is a included in our core install, which is why it's not listed in Gallery for download (assuming that's where you looked for it).


If I may suggest, get in contact with our Customer Support Team so that they can review this problem and determine if it's an issue with you have the tool configured or log it as a possible bug for review.

5 - Atom

Hi Angela_Cheng


You will find how the problem is associated with your .xml files which the connector uses.

Thats why it also lists a line and position to see where the syntax is causing errors.




7 - Meteor

Yep you are right. I was able to fix it after talking to customer support.

5 - Atom

It is possible to share your solution on this? I'm currently facing the same problem

8 - Asteroid

There is a new GA connector tool that solved the problem discussed in this forum:!app/Google-Analytics/5898afe9effc2a0bb0a11644