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Is it possible to save the input file in workflow

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Hi Guys,


I am a newbie to Alteryx.  Got a question , hope you guys could help.


So I have several input files from the local folder, some of them will not be updated so often, then there's no need to read every file from local folder.  Also , the workflow would be shared to the team, then the team also need to save every input file to their local folders. I am wondering, is there a way to save those "stable" input files in the workflow?


Thanks in advance. 




Hi @WCH and welcome to Alteryx!


If these files are not big, you may need to save the data in "Text Input" tool which gets saved within the workflow, so you can share your workflows without having to provide an input data file.


This tool is often useful to create look up tables within your workflow.


Hope this helps