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Is it possible to have a report generated as an output from the alteryx app on gallery?

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I have an Alteryx app uploaded on the company gallery, and this app is a workflow that ends with a Render Tool.


My hope is that a user that runs the app will get a report on the gallery web page as an output file. 


Currently, the app runs successfully and excel output files, which I commanded to get saved in a folder, get generated. But it does not produce any report.


Can you please help me with generating a report using the Render Tool on an app?







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Hello @cwoo looks like currently it is generating a temporary PDF and you can click it on the results tab once the Alteryx run is completed.




In case you want to take the report in a specific folder you can change the settings as per below.


Hope this helps!



Yugandhar Muley (Yug)

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20 - Arcturus
Try this.

Save as composer file with PCXML as file extension.

I think that you'll like the outcome.


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Thank you both!


I had another question on this topic. Currently, if I choose the "Choose a Specific Output File" option in Render Tool, then an output file is generated on the gallery page, which a user has to download to view the report. Is there a way to have the output report directly shown/embedded on the web page so that the user doesn't have to download the report and have it open on another browser? 


Eventually, we would like to have the gallery web page embedded on a tableau dashboard so that a user can run the app and see the outcome on one page.


Thank you for your help! 

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More people need to know this!! thank you.