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Is it possible? Have a workflow output save into that same workflow when ran on gallery?

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I have a workflow that pulls from an Oracle database and exports an excel file with "current" data as well as a summary or pivot of the data to be used in Tableau to create charts.


I want to be able to accumulate the pivot data for each day the workflow is ran. When I run it today I want to see all previously ran data and today's data.

Is this possible to do within the workflow living in the Gallery so that the data is updated and saved with each day's run?


I've tried using the action tools to update a text input file or block until done to pull in the text input history and then union it but they either do not behave the way I need or I'm missing something. Also, since running a workflow doesn't save the new data, the text input data just reverts to how it was when the workflow was created.


I'm currently having to create a separate file for this but I want to automate this task as much as possible so all you have to do is download 1 file and refresh the data in Tableau.


I am using:

Designer ver. 2020.2.3 (Can't upgrade due to server/gallery version)


Expected result. Each day is essentially the same set of data accumulated each day. So I would only see Day4 as the latest version.



I can't upload the actual workflow but I think the table above can be used for the practical application. 


Here's the workflow picture though for the curious.




Could you leverage the "Append" output option? This places data feeding into the Output Data tool underneath the existing rows in the file and would stack the new information every time the workflow is run.