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IoT Datasets

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After the intense interest shown to the community topic Available "Big data sets" over the internet...  (since ‎22-11-2015)





I'm now trying to split that into more meaningful, more focued sections. So that people can get an understanding of


  1. industry specific data and
  2. business problems that can be solved easily with Alteryx...



This specific section is on #Internet of Things, sensor data, time series data, signals intelligence...

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I had shared a similar idea back in 2015 to setup an IoT district under Alteryx Gallery...


Not raised interest at the time but today almost all analytics is related to sensory data sources, phones, watches, whitegoods, TV's, ATM's, cars, servers, routers, wi-fi etc....

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Activity Recognition in the Home Setting Using Simple and Ubiquitous Sensors




There are different approaches to human activity recognition.

  • Some of them involve the analysis of complex sensor signals such as video from cameras in computer vision and
  • audio from microphones in auditory scene analysis. 

Activity recognition from these sensors is challenging not only because of the complexity in analizyng the signals (feature extraction) and the complexity involved in the pattern recognition and machine learning algorithms used (especially for real-ime performance). Furthermore, cameras and microphones are usually perceived as invasive by people and they don't want them installed in their homes. The objective of this experiment/thesis is to decompose human activities as a sequence of binary sensor activations by installing sensors that sense when everyday objects are being moved or used.


In this experiment, between 77 and 84 sensor data collection boards equipped with reed switch sensors where installed in two single-person apartments collecting data about human activity for two weeks. The sensors were installed in everyday objects such as drawers, refrigerators, containers, etc. to record opening-closing events (activation deactivation events) as the subject carried out everyday activities.



Project Ideas

Some quick projects ideas to get you started thinking about the problem

1). Running different algorithms to recognize activities

2).Cluster the sensor activations to predict possible activities

3). Measure changes of human behavior from day to day (what is the right distance measure to use?)


Here is the data:

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