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Intersystems Cache Database


Hello Alteryx People


I am very surprised to find very little information about anyone using Alteryx to interface with an Intersystems Cache database. There is one post that had a very vague answer that doesn't help. 

So, is there a definitive answer to whether Alteryx server would allow me to connect directly to the aforesaid Intersystems Cache database system? This is a critical question because I would love to be able to implement Alteryx server on Azure to get  rid of a very poor existing ETL process and warehouse infrastructure.


Please can someone inform me as to whether this is possible?


Thanks in advance - AJCT




Intersystems Cache database is not one of the officially supported data sources - see here for the full list

Alteryx can leverage ODBC to connect to data sources and there seems to be a driver available for Intersystems too so I'd say it's definitely worth testing.



Thank you for you reply. Is there a reason why it is not officially supported by Alteryx?


All the officially supported data sources are thoroughly tested whenever we make changes to the product; there're loads of data sources out there and we can't possibly test all of them.

I don't have specifics on Intersystems but it's very likely this is due to popular demand. In the time I've been working in the industry, I haven't come across Intersystems; it hasn't come up in the last couple of years I've been with Alteryx either.


The best way to get the data source/functionality onto our roadmap is to propose it via the Ideas section of the community, and get more users behind the idea. Hundreds of new features made it into the product this way.


Thank you very much for your help, I have managed to find people in Scotland using this set-up (via a specific purpose-built ODBC driver) with no problems. I will definitely propose the feature as you suggested as there are an increasing number of organisations across the Healthcare system in the United Kingdom that use Intersystems Products and thus I think it is an big market opportunity for Alteryx.



I have managed to extract data from InterSystems Cache using ODBC connection in Input Data tool. The connection is working fine for SQL queries.

There seems to be a limitation on calling stored procedures through ODBC connection.