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Interface tools work locally but not on Alteryx server

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I'm trying to set up a workflow to run differently or not at all depending on the time of day, so that I can set up a single schedule for the workflow on Server and run it every 30 minutes. I'm using the condition tool with actions to enable/disable containers or change the direction of a detour tool.


I can get it to work locally, and also when I trigger the workflow to run manually. But when I put it on a schedule, the condition tools seem to be ignored.


I'm attaching a sample workflow to show the logic I'm using. I'd appreciate any help. I realize that the CREW macros might help here, but for reasons specific to the way we've implemented Alteryx at my organization, I'd like to avoid using them.


Hello @wshube - the following post may explain the behavior you are seeing.


It sounds like you want to run the app without accepting inputs. In this case, you might consider converting you app to a macro, then using the macro in a standard workflow that can be scheduled on Alteryx Server. Alternatively, you may be able to accomplish similar outcomes using Filter tools. Simply filter out all records based on the current timestamp, for example. 


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As @MatthewO mentioned your best solution is likely to convent you process into a macro. Place that Macro into a workflow and schedule that workflow,


Your same use case was discussed and resolved here as well:




I was able to test on my end and the results came out as expected on my Server.





Please not the slight changes I made to deploy this: