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Interface Tools to Allocate Input


Hello, I am in the process of building an Alteryx app that pulls in a selected geography from the Allocate Input tool to run a market analysis on the spatial object.  I am having trouble getting the spatial object to update based off the selections made in the App interface window.  I have attached a picture of all possible default selections that can be made in the action tool.  Has anyone done something similar or know what my problem might be?

Allocate Input Configuration Window.JPG

D. Bucci


Hi @D_Bucci


Here is a simple app that shows how the Allocate Input tool can be updated using the Interface tools.You can find some additional examples if you search around on







Hello Again, 

Thanks for the help! This looks perfect.  I had a feeling that the answer was an XML formula.  I dont have too much experience with them so this made it easy for me.

Thanks Again, 
D Bucci