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Interface Tools and Input Data



I had a question in regards to interface tools and inputting data into a workflow. So currently I have a workflow that has 2 separate input data tools that use the same generated report, but use 2 separate tabs within the report. 


I am looking to use the interface tools in order to create an alteryx analytic app that will essentially make it so I only need to insert the file path of the report once. The report always has the same tab names for each of the 2 workflows, so it would be useful to not have to enter in the same file twice into alteryx analytic app. I thinking this can be done with 1 interface tool that gets updated based on just the file name (with the tab name hard coded into the workflow), but I'm not sure how to take on this route within Alteryx.



Alteryx Partner

Hello @SunnyP811 ,


As you say, it is possible to get this done. You need for this to use the input parameter from the interface palette. Just connect it to both of your inputs (You can connect a control parameter to multiple inputs) and on the action tool select the locationd and erase everything after the pipes (|||Sheetname$). This will leave the same tab name for each time you select a new excel file.


The input for the control parameter has to be the name of the file (path included).


If you can't make it and need an example just let me know.


Kind regards



Thank you for the reply! So, I tried using the control parameter tool with the update values for each different tab with no luck as it saves the workflow down as a Macro rather than an analytic app. In the action tools, i replaced just everything after the pipes and both action tools are attached to 1 control parameter. 


When I save the workflow, it saves it as a Alteryx Macro rather than a Analytic App. When I try to just replace the file name for .yxwz, I get an error saying this is not a correct Alteryx Analytic App. 


Here is a screenshot of the beginning of my workflow, hopefully that can help visualize the problem! 


Thank you!