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Interface Tooling - Optional Inputs?

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Hey everyone,


I am trying to create an alteryx analytic app which contains "optional" prompts to a user, or a way for a user to choose not to select certain prompts. 


See the partial workflow screenshot below - essentially we run this workflow every quarter and are provided a new input file for each quarter to then upload in to the workflow and capture the data. So at year end - everything works great and all 4 quarters of information are captured correctly.


However, if you are just finishing up say the 2nd quarter, then you do not need the workflow to run Q3 and Q4 files. Our current workaround is to pass through essentially blank files in these "unused" prompts (other users are not too savvy to update the workflow), which honestly isn't a huge issue. However, since this is a common theme across most of our team's work papers - I would really like to find a better solution to this without separate workflows.


I have been looking in to the 'Condition' Tool, and if this can be configured to have a user choose either radio buttons or a drop down list with which quarter they are in, and then feed this through a formula tool (similar to how example on this tool is shown), but have so far not been able to find a way to successfully perform this.


Would there be a way to accomplish this task, using either the Condition or a series of other tools?




Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

You can use the radio buttons or check boxes to enable and disable containers for these optional inputs.

7 - Meteor

Hi @echuong1,


I originally thought I had found the solution within the referenced article and sub-posts, but after setting it up with radio button options, I am still having issues with the original problem.


Utilizing the referenced article, I have been trying to work towards a goal of having the following;

1. 4 radio button options, 1 button for each quarter (each quarter has a single set of 4 data prep tools to pull in the single row, multiple columns, for net income). The user would select just 1 of the 4 radio buttons

2. Utilizing "File Browse" tools within each of the 4 radio buttons to pull in inputs (e.g. If Q4 is selected it would have the user pull in files for Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4, If Q3 is selected it would pull in files for Q3, Q2, and Q1, etc)


In the workflow, I currently have these interface tools set up inside one tool container, and 4 sub tool containers for each quarter, which are linked to each radio button. Then, within each of the sub tool containers I have attached a "File Browse" to the input tools. However, when running as an App, this hierarchical order is not kept within the prompt questions and quarters. 


Any help would be much appreciated, and more information can be provided if needed.




Hi @agodwin1250 ,


Check out the workflow attached. Built by @JoeS this achieves optional parameters being passed to your tools using CHECBOXES.


Notice how the FILTER tools only use an expression that says "1".

This is to achieve that everything goes throughin case a user does to supply a value through the relevant checkbox.

It also means that in the action tool you need to write a full formula for the expression of the filter within the ACTION tool.
Tha's why the ACTION tools looks something like this 
"[Data] in ('"+ [#1] + "')"



David Matyas
Sales Engineer