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Interface Designer - Is there a way to create newlines in a label?


I've added a tab called "help" ... I would like to type some paragraphs explaining what to do but would like to force new lines and blank lines to make it more readable. I know I can keep adding new labels, but that seems a bit tedious to do/maintain.


I got this to work using a lot of spaces, but I am hoping there is a newline character that can be used instead.


2019-01-09 19_13_50 Alteryx Interface Designer Multiline Label.png


Hi @jason_scarlett


One way is to edit the XML in the main workflow. Something like :-


  1. Add a label with dummy text (e.g. TEXT-HERE
  2. Edit the workflow.yxmc or .yxwz in your favourite text editor (I use Notepad++)
  3. Find dummy text. It will be between <Description></Description> tags e.g. <Description>TEXT-HERE</Description>
  4. Replace text with new text including returns so that the text now reads something like

    <Description>This is my new text

    including carriage returns
  5. Save the .YXMC or .YXWZ

Test on a copy of the workflow in case of errors.

This works to make the output look fine when running from Designer. Once publish to a Gallery, the formatting is all removed. i.e. all spaces, returns are gone and the text is just one long line.

I tried using html tags, but these did not work either.


Guess I will just go with adding a bunch of "labels".