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Interactive output of Decision Tree is empty


I have been playing around with the Decision Tree tool and it works just fine i.e. I can build a model, compare it to other models and etc. However, the interactive output is not working for me. From what I've seen on screenshots it is supposed to show an interactive decision tree with all the numbers etc.

When using version 1.0 of the tool the interactive output is completely empty. Using version 1.1 it shows at aleast misclassifications and a summary, however the decision tree part is still empty. The report output is working properly though and shows a non-interactive tree plot along with the leaf summary etc.


Any idea what might be wrong?

Capture.PNGV 1.0Capture2.PNGV 1.1 (tree)Capture3.PNGV1.1 (misclassifications)

You might want to put in a ticket, seems like a defect.


Hi @GabbaWally,


Thank you for the post here! Would it be possible for you to export the workflow and attach it here so I can test it out? Also, were you able to test with a different workflow that uses the Decision Tree tool and see if it has the same issue with the interactive report. If not, you can try with the Decision Tree sample workflow (Designer > Help > Sample Workflows > Predictive Tool Samples > Predictive Analytics > Decision Tree) or the attached workflow.




Lastly, what version of the Designer do you have?

Eddie Wong
Customer Support Engineer

am experiencing same issue as above.  using v1.0 of Decision Tree and Decision Tree, Variable Importance, Confusion Matrix, etc are blank.  Am using Alteryx version 2019.2.7.63499. 


Attached copy of data that am using.


Please let me know what you find out.