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Interactive charting tool bugs

7 - Meteor

I have found a few bugs that can be pretty frustrating in the interactive chart tool.


1. when you change anything about the width/height/margins and padding (see first image on left), you get an error that says "Well, this is embarrassing" (see image on right). you then have to click into another area (like Layer), and then back in. When you do that the changes you made are shown, but it's annoying. 



2. The text doesn't wrap on Y axis labels when you're doing a horizontal box & whisker chart (see this post for more detail).


3. the preview window doesn't actually render the formatting in the label text. In my solution to #2, I inserted HTML line breaks into the labels which show up when it actually renders, but not in the example window (It just shows <br>) like this 


when it should look like this: 



4. This one drives me bonkers. The batch functionality is great. The fact that I have to reset the title EVERY. TIME. I. OPEN. THE. TOOL. Is not great. Specifically, if I don't want a title rendered on the charts at all. To get rid of it and use the batch functionality, you have to turn "CUSTOM TITLE FOR BATCHED CHARTS" on, and then delete the default suggestion. Every time I go into the interactive chart tool, even if I don't open the Batch tab, I have to go back and set that because it resets to the default title EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. EVEN IF I DON'T ACTUALLY DO ANYTHING IN THE TOOL!!! It is infuriating. If you had a Save/Cancel option when you open it, and if it would alert you to any changes that aren't saved, etc., that might help a little, but honestly it shouldn't be doing this.

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

I recommend you send this information in an email to to make sure it's documented and shared with the right people at Alteryx.

11 - Bolide

@jyurkovich - did you ever report this because I am having this issue and even clearing it out does nothing as the field pops back up when i turn Custom Title for Batched Charts to Off and it just ignores the Off part and puts a title there anyway...