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Interactive Charting Tool


Hi everyone, 

I am new to Alteryx and have a bit of background in R - just checking out Alteryx's ability to plot graph with layering concept as in ggplot2. The current Interactive Chart tool allows layering but somehow lack integration for the same set of data. For example, for the sales number of bicycle A, B and C in location 1, 2 and 3, if I add a layer by bicycle type (layer 1) and location (layer 2), the charting tool somehow creates 6 categories in the x-axis (3 for bicycle type and 3 for locations), instead of only 3 bicycle type, an within each bicycle split into 3 location. 

Is there a way to correct this without going into ggplot2?




@atoh I believe what you are looking for is a Stacked Bar Chart. If so, the most straight forward way to do this is to use a deprecated tool, Charting, which has stacked bar charts as an option. I attached an example workflow to show you how this could be done. Moving forward the Product and Development teams will focus their efforts on the Interactive Charting tool, not the deprecated Charting tool, so do keep that in mind. There are a few other ideas, creative solutions you might say, if you'd prefer to use the Interactive Charting tool (For instance, a running total by location and then use a Scatter Plot later over a bar with the Total sales value by Bike - a value you'd need to calculate).


It may be worth checking out this training if you plan to use the Charting tool.

Cailin Swingle
Sr. Manager, Customer Support