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Interactive Chart and Layout Tool

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I am having a problem in that I want to bring a chart into a pdf using interactive chart tool via layout tool with section breaks. When I choose vertical alignment in layout tool chart comes through okay but when I use vertical alignment with section breaks it doesn't. Is this a bug in the tool or is it fixable?


Workflow attached.In example pie chart comes through but not line chart.



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Hi @bmillrine 


I was playing around with your workflow and I noticed what the issue is.

Everytime a chart is used in a vertical section break option, appearing in a page that is not the first one, the page turns blank in the PDF output.


Not so sure why this happens, though. The charts work totally fine when they are in the first page, but after that, they become blank.


@CharlieS do you know if this is a bug?



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17 - Castor

I agree that this is a bug and should not be working this way.


It looks like the problem has to do with how section breaks get inserted into the interactive charts. It seems like section breaks get inserted to the different objects of the chart object (the overlay text, axis titles, and interactive zoom tools get separated and forced to the bottom). The problem is visible from a browse tool after the Layout or rendered in pcxml. It seems to work when this is the only object in the Layout, but breaks when other objects are present. 
























Since you have a module that can produce the error, this would be a great thing to send to


Also, I included a workaround in my module where you Union the objects so they have individual records and can be successfully rendered one per sheet.

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Thanks for your help on this I will forward on bug to support.